We live a fast-paced life and juggling with various personal and professional responsibilities could get very challenging. Thankfully, we have some mobile task-managers and to-do apps that can make your life easier and help you stay ahead in the game. Here is the list of the top 6 such apps.


If you looking for a great to-do or task-management application then Wunderlist is what you must definitely consider. Owned by Microsoft since 2015, Wunderlist is arguably the best such app around. It is simple and easy to use and even the beginners can manage their tasks without any hassles.


You can create the lists and share them with incredible ease. You can also set the deadlines and reminders. The app is also compatible with the smart-watches for better management.  Available on iOS, Windows, and Android platforms, the app is free to download but you can buy a pro version for advanced features.

Google Keep

If you are looking for a to-do app that can also keep your selected audio recordings, notes, and even photos, Google Keep is the one you should go for. In spite of being feature-rich, Google Keep does not lose focus from the core job of being a task-manager. You can easily create the list of your tasks and set reminders for them. You can categorize tasks with different colors and labels and even prioritize them. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Google Keep

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Todoist packs a very neat and clutter free design with wealth of handy features. This to-do app ensures that you remain up to date with your tasks all the time. Setting up the lists and managing them could never get easier than this. You can also share your tasks lists with others. The basic features of this app are free to use. If you need the advanced task-management features, you can buy the premium version.



Any.do does just about everything that the other mobile task managers in this list can. It also features a voice-entry function that lets you give voice command to the app instead of typing. You can create tasks easily and set reminders around them. The app also prioritizes your tasks and makes more important ones more prominently visible. Any.do is a freemium app that offers basic features for free. For more advanced features you can pay the monthly subscription.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk takes care of all the basic task-management functions very well. You can create lists and tasks and share them across other devices. You can set priorities and deadlines as well. You can also synch this app with Evernote and Google Calendar. Available for Android and iOS, Remember the Milk is free with many useful features. But those looking for more detailed features will need to buy the premium version.

Remember The Milk


Habitica is an online, mobile to-do and task management app. However, it makes things more fun and exciting for you. While this app lets you track and complete the tasks, it also features a game mode to encourage you to stay on top of your tasks. The app lets you create a character which fights with the monster as you go ticking-off your tasks.


6 Top To-Do Apps to Stay Ahead in Game
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