This Bit Torrent app is like a savior to all us nerds and movie fans out there. This powerful app allows you to download any files like movies, videos, software’s, games, basically any time of files you want to download. You can search and download any type of torrent file without having to spend a penny and that to simply on your pone without having to open up your PC or laptops like you had to previously.

Bit Torrent app for android


Bit Torrent for android is just made to do the job done and get your files downloaded in no time on your handy android cell phones. The internal sophistication of this app allows you to download files without any trouble.

You can also set up the upload and download limits by logging by going into the option menu of the app. This feature is really handy at times, if you have a slow internet connection.

This application works smoothly on android versions of 4.1 and above.

Bit Torrent

This app can just be called as an extension of the famous Bit Torrent software application for windows, but way more portable and easy to handle. If you are a regular user of the Bit Torrent version of Windows, than this will be a piece of cake to work with. Thus, the next time you want to download a torrent file from the internet, you just have to pick up your phone log into this app and put your torrent for download and wait as the rest of the job is taken care of.

Bit Torrent App download

The Bit Torrent app can be easily downloaded from the most favorable Google Play Store and it is totally free. There are many other sites which host this great app like Uptodown, Softonic etc.

Bit Torrent Pro

This app also comes in a paid pro version which allows which includes features like Battery saver feature, Auto-Shut down feature and most importantly no annoying ads. So many features, all, just for a small price.

Pros and Cons

Let us now come down to the final pros and cons of this amazing app:


  • Very small size 9.53 MB.
  • It is 100% safe and secured.
  • Totally free.
  • It is easily available on Google Play Store.


  • Requires android version 4.1 and up, to work.
  • Non-paid version contains a lot of Ads.
Bit Torrent – Torrent App