Getting movies and tv shows on one’s mobile phone is the best way of entertainment for movie lovers. All the movies you have missed at the time of release due to hectic work schedule can be compensated through ShowBox HD movie streaming application.


Now before downloading the application on your mobile, the first question that arises in your mind is whether the app is reliable and good at its work?

Well in the case of ShowBox we can say “Yes”. The app has a very good collection of movies of different languages with suitable subtitles. So today we are going to discuss the latest addition in movies section by ShowBox for android users. And then you can decide whether you want to download the app or not.

Latest movies on ShowBox HD


  • Laid in America

Laid in America is based on two high school students who are visiting America but fate get kidnapped. Sam Milman and Peter vass have superbly directed and writer the script that best suits on  KSI and Casper Lee. The combination of KSI and Lee explode the screen with heroic comedy and drama. The movie has been released only in US and UK. And ShowBox is providing you the best HD quality links for the movie across the globe.


  • Satanic

Satanic is a horror based movie that included four girls who get into supernatural trouble on a tour. Naturally the movie is good but with a pinch of salt. Satanic is surely not a movie to be watched in theatre but when it comes free on ShowBox it is definitely irrelevant to watch the film i theatre. Surely Jeffrey Hunt has tried to get the movie together but failed to do so.


  • Dirty 30

Andrew Bush has directed Dirty 30 with an awesome cast: Mamrie Hart, Adam Lustick and Joselyn. The movie is about a girl who is planning to get married but before that wants to turn her life 360 round. But with three besties and zero rules it is definitely going to be difficult for them. It s a comedy which can be watched after keeping your brains aside for few hours. No doubt Andrew has tried hard to make this film a successful blockbuster of the year but turns out to be different at this moment.


  • Capsule

Capsule is a story of a trained spacepilot affected by Hypoxia. He has been sent to outer space in a malfunctioned cold war capsule orbiting earth. Edmund Kingsley stars the movie with a rocking performance that keeps the audience tied to the moci for the whole time.

The movie revolves around the star cast who has a limited communication with the real world out there. He has to make a choice of either safely take the space capsule to the earth or get lost in the space for his entire life. A very exciting movie with an original script by Paul D Forrest.


  • Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man is an  American Comedy film of 2016. Directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The movie is based on a man who tries to attempt suicide after being lost on an island. He finds a dead man which he tries to use as multi purpose tool to get out of there but gradually ends up reanimating him from the dead. It is definitely a very mind grasping movie which can make you laugh and at the same time cry for Daniel Radcliffe.


ShowBox is presently streaming these latest movies on the app especially for its users. You’ll be dumbstruck by the video quality. Let’s hope to see few more recently released movies on ShowBox soon. Also you can check this.


Latest movies on ShowBox
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