SnapTube lets you download videos from YouTube. We all know that for the longest time, downloading anything from YouTube has proven to be quite a tedious task if not completely impossible. Actually, downloading videos from YouTube to a Smartphone is impossible especially if you want to save the video on the phone. Well, not anymore! SnapTube is like the oasis in a desert, a boon for numerous YouTube users. The initial purpose of this application was to help YouTube users to download their favorite videos but it does way more than that. It is flexible and can be used across different operating systems even though it is android based, which is what makes it quite special.


It has become very popular courtesy of its killer features and the fact that it serves its purpose without any hiccups. Below is a guide on how to download the app on your device.

SnapTube Features

  1. SnapTube comes with a video to MP3 converter option, which is one of the best features in this app.
  2. SnapTube can be used in as many as 10+ languages .
  3. It is user-friendly and you will easily download and navigate without any hassle.
  4. The best feature is that there are no pop up ads whatsoever. This is one of those apps where you have immense fun downloading and watching your videos without any type of interruptions.
  5. You will have high-resolution videos.


For Android

This application is android based and even though it is not available on Google Play Store, you will easily download it from the official website as an apk file.

  1. Go to your phone settings and enable the unknown sources in the security section
  2. Once you enable that, download the apk file
  3. Click on the file then select install and later on click “next”
  4. You can go on to enjoy your new application
  5. It is absolutely free

For PC

As much as this application is android-based, you can easily set it up on your Windows and Mac PC and download all the videos you want. The only catch with this option is the fact that you have to have an Android emulator app on your PC. This is an application that allows computers to support android applications. For this reason, you have to download the android emulator first before SnapTube. There are many android emulator apps like BlueStacks, Andy and Droid4x; but BlueStacks is one of the best.

  1. Download BlueStacks from the official website to avoids any viruses
  2. Install and then save all the right settings
  3. Go to the search box on BlueStacks and search for SnapTube
  4. Once you get it, click on it, download then install

In case it is not available, you can download SnapTube from the official website

  1. Go to the SnapTube official site and download the application
  2. Once you install, open it in the BlueStacks application and enjoy yourself with all the latest videos

SnapTube is one of the best downloader apps in the market and you really love your videos, you will be glad to have this app in your collection.

SnapTube App for Beginners