The app Videoder is a blessing for movie and TV series aficionados all around the world. Earlier on, you used to surf through innumerable websites to find out one good link to watch your favorite content from. You would often get lost in a sea of ads and get troubled for it. But with Videoder, you can easily get your favorite movies to download and watch online. No matter which website, what size or content type you want; it is all ready on Videoder, ready to be enjoyed.


You’ll find plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to download videos using Videoder. So we decided to do something different. We present to you a list of easy tips and some tricks you can do using the app that is going to change the way you entertain yourself.


  1. Using Play View and Videoder together
    Have you tried out any other video downloading apps or utilities? Well, I have. The problem is most of these apps route your downloads via the slow Android downloads. It is great, but when you don’t have so much time or patience they can make you very tired with everything. So, here’s what you need to do. Whenever you start a new download henceforth, route it using Videoder. When using Play View, choose Videoder when prompted to choose an app. Or when you use Cartoon HD, pick “Custom” and then run it through Videoder!

    This can make your downloads complete at least three times faster! Imagine how it could cut your wasted time.

  2. MP3 Downloads using Videoder
    Not many people know this, but Videoder is probably the best option for downloading your favorite music. The app can download any video you see on the internet. But did you know it can also download them into an MP3 format?

    Find a nice song? Launch the app and open it there. Press the download button and choose “MP3”. The file is downloaded and automatically converted into MP3 for you to enjoy.
  3. Multiple downloads
    The prospect of watching movies and TV shows is interesting, but it can be tiring to download video upon video one after the other individually. IT could so wonderful if we could get the content set for automatic download with all settings set in one stroke.

    To set multiple downloads, or Batched Downloads, as they are called, Open your search results. Alternatively, open the playlist you want to download. The app will now let you select multiple videos at once. You can download them all at once. Press the download button and select the resolution “MP3”. Watch as your downloads blaze forth with lightening speeds.

Videoder has quite a few tricks up its sleeves, as you can see. Even this article isn’t a complete list of the tricks it can do. Do you know any more? Would you like to share them with the world? If so, do drop us a line with what amazing feature we’ve missed out that you want to cover. Let’s be geeks together!

Videoder Tips and Tricks